Sports Medicine

The Washington University Athletic Department employs licensed athletic trainers that are skilled in the prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

We have state-of-the-art facilities with a highly regarded, experienced staff of physicians and certified athletic trainers who work directly with our student-athletes. Our goal is to provide each student-athlete with efficient access to high quality medical care.

Who to Contact

We understand that having a son or daughter away from home can cause concern for their health and well being. Please feel free to contact us at anytime you have questions about their medical care.

For prompt attention, please report all injuries to the athletic trainer as soon as possible.

Mary Collins, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Volleyball, Cross Country, Swimming & Diving, Women's Golf, Softball, Track & Field
Grant Rohrig, MS Ed, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Football, Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis, Baseball
TBA Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis
Matthew Matava, MD Team Physician
Mark Halstead, MD Team Internist
Matthew Smith, MD Team Physician

Medical Coverage

Washington University in St. Louis provides comprehensive medical services for WUSTL student-athletes while participating in the intercollegiate athletics program as well as medical supervision of the activities associated with the athletic program. The University operates a fully equipped sports medicine facility with therapeutic modality, exercise, and rehabilitation equipment.

Certified athletic trainers, working under the direction of physicians, are the primary health care providers responsible for the prevention, evaluation, care, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Athletic trainers provide daily support to injured athletes throughout the recovery process. Athletes have access to sports medicine services in the sports medicine facility without personal charge.

Pre-season physical examination screenings, scheduled visits to evaluate injured athletes on campus, and home football game coverage are some of the services provided by WUSTL. All services provided on campus are at no cost to the student-athlete. Individuals with significant injuries are referred through a network of team physicians associated with Washington University School of Medicine.

If an athlete requires additional medical services at the physician's office or hospital, they are billed through their personal insurance. If surgical treatment is required for an injury, this should also be covered through their personal insurance. Any cost associated with an injury occurring outside a department sponsored activity is the responsibility of the athlete.

Athletic Insurance Coverage

The University carries NCAA Group Basic Athletic Accident insurance with a maximum medical expense limit of $75,000.  The plan covers all intercollegiate student athletes for bodily injury sustained during practice or play of an intercollegiate sport, travel to or from practice or play of an intercollegiate sport, or off-season physical conditioning of an intercollegiate sport which is authorized, organized and directly supervised by a Department of Athletics representative.  

The insurance coverage of the University and the Department of Athletics operates on the basis that the health and accident insurance carried by the student and/or the student’s parents is the primary coverage and will be applied first for medical, dental, and hospital services.  The Washington University Athletic Department insurance will then be applied after the primary benefits disposition. The Department of Athletics will pay charges for authorized services for bodily injuries sustained during participation in intercollegiate athletics within the NCAA Group Basic Athletic Accident insurance deductible. There are no benefits for pre-existing injuries or general medical conditions.

The student athlete may be responsible for the cost of treatment and rehabilitation where services are arranged without prior knowledge and approval of the Department of Athletics.  Students injured while participating in the athletic department program should report the injury to the athletic training staff and obtain services through our network of physicians that are affiliated with the Washington University School of Medicine.

Student Health Insurance Coverage

The SHS health plan through UHS does not cover medical costs related to injuries sustained in the practice or play of NCAA intercollegiate sports, and while WU carries NCAA Group Basic Athletic Accident insurance, the student and parents could still be responsible for substantial out of pocket medical costs not covered by the NCAA policy, should costs exceed usual and customary charges or services that are provided are determined by the insurer as not medically necessary.

Clearance for Participation

All athletes must receive a physical examination annually from the Washington University Sports Medicine Staff before the start of their competitive season. First year participants require a comprehensive physical examination while returning athletes must compete a review of their current health status.

We would like you to use the following directions to log on to the WUSTL athletic medical record website.  You will also use this website throughout your athletic career to make appointments with your athletic trainer and receive information regarding sport injuries and rehabilitations.

Login directions
Go to: (do not use www.)
Athlete ID: New
Password: New
Database: atswustl (should be filled in)

First, please complete all of your general demographic and contact information. For your athlete ID, please use your school issued student ID. You will also be using this ID and password to check-in when you come into the athletic training room. If you do not have any medical alerts, allergies, or medications please write none in the indicated box. Once you have filled out the general information, click the verify athlete information button and then click save.

Once you have clicked save, the other tabs should appear at the top of your screen.  You DO NOT need to add any information in the medical history or the immunization/paperwork tabs.  You then need to fill out the proper information in the tabs listed Insurance, Contacts, Forms and eFiles (tabs  3, 4, 5, and 6). These forms must be completed by July 1.

Insurance: Click on the green (+) Add button to enter your insurance information.  If your insurance company does not appear in the insurance company drop down menu, then exit out of the pop-up and click on the “Add a new insurance company.”  If you have the student health insurance through the university, choose the “United Healthcare – Student Health Services” as your insurance company.

Contacts: Again click the green (+) Add button to enter your emergency contact information.  Please add all of your legal guardians.

Forms: Fill out the orthopedic history and ppe medical history to the best of your ability.  You are able to save the form, and then come back and finish it later.  Only female athletes need to fill out the female athlete form.

eFiles: You will need to download each form individually, sign it, and then upload it again.  It is acceptable to type your signature on the forms.  Only female athletes need to fill out the female athlete form.

Other requirement is:

  1. Student-athletes that are trying out need to complete an entrance physical exam at home prior to arriving on campus. Please fax the form - Doctor's Physical Exam form (tryouts only) - that is provided to: (314) 935-8789.

Visiting Teams Policy

The athletic training staff at Washington University would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and acquaint you with some of the medical services we provide to visiting teams. To handle your needs, a certified athletic trainer will be available and our orthopedist will be on call.

The athletic training facility will be available prior to practice and contests or special arrangements can be made upon advance request. Water, ice and coolers will be provided while splints, stretchers and crutches are available should the need arise.

The Washington University athletic training staff can administer taping and treatment services, but we require that you provide your own supplies. The therapeutic modalities available include: whirlpools, hydrocollator, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation. Athletes are required to have a written prescription for electrical modality treatments.