Policies and procedures for tailgating at events held at Francis Olympic Field at WashU  

Individuals, groups, and organizations may reserve grass tailgating space for home football games at Francis Olympic Field. Spaces cost $20 per game, and are subject to availability. For more information, or to reserve a space please contact Jeff Franta, Manager of Event and Game Operations, at (314) 935-4553 or frantaj@wustl.edu. You will be assigned a space on the map to the right. The Athletic Department provides the space but does not provide food, beverages, chairs, tables, tents, etc. for tailgating purposes.

Charcoal, Grills, and Fires
No open fires are allowed. Propane tanks that do not exceed 20 pounds are permitted. Charcoal grills are permitted but must be elevated. Charcoal must be self-starting; charcoal lighter fluid is prohibited. Please follow the below steps for hot coal disposal.

  • Pour copious amounts of water over the hot charcoal until completely wet and cooled.
  • Collect cooled-down coals/ashes using a small shovel and wrap in aluminum foil.
  • Discard in outdoor trash can.

Clean Up/Trash
Each individual, group, and organization is responsible for proper disposal of their trash and other debris. Trash containers will be provided in tailgating areas. The disposal of grease, hot coals or hazardous materials onto the ground or into storm drains is prohibited. Any person damaging university property will be responsible for the cost of repairs, including damages to grass from cooking grease or other materials and equipment. Glass bottles are prohibited – only aluminum cans and plastic bottles are permitted.

Individuals attending events at Washington University are expected to act respectfully and with good sportsmanship. Be courteous and respectful of those around you, including the opposing team and fans. Abusive language and behavior will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the venue, in addition to other university discipline. Guest’s belongings are subject to search by the Washington University Police Department and/or event management personnel. Refer to the prohibited items list under the ticketing tab for more information on what is allowed in the facility.

Consumption of Alcohol and/or Tobacco
The consumption of alcohol for persons under 21 years of age is prohibited. University regulations and state statutes on alcohol and drug consumption will be strictly enforced. Any liability associated with underage drinking at a tailgate event rests solely on the tailgate event sponsor.

  • The sale of alcohol at a tailgate is prohibited. Charging an access fee to an area where alcohol is provided is also prohibited. Glass bottles are prohibited – only aluminum cans and plastic bottles are permitted.
  • Beer kegs and items that promote the rapid consumption of alcohol are prohibited at any university event or function. No individual or group may transport a keg to a University athletic event. Drinking games and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  • Any participant who consumes alcoholic beverages at such tailgate events must be able to produce a valid driver’s license or photo identification that indicates the person’s age upon request.
  • Individuals, groups and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the entire University community. Failure to do so will result in the permanent loss of all tailgating and parking privileges, and depending upon the behavior, other potential university or criminal action.

Food & Catering
Guests are permitted to bring their own food and beverages. The preferred campus vendor for catering is Bon Appetit. Please contact Kris Clawson (314) 935-5054, or Megan Coffel (314) 935-3908 by phone, or by email at: wucatering@cafebonappetit.com for additional information. Refer to the below catering menu for pricing. All buffets come with garden Salad, fruit salad, house-made chips, carrots, celery sticks with ranch and hummus.  

Walking Tacos: $10.75pp

  • Individual bagged corn Fritos
  • Seasoned ground beef, green chili chicken, Mexican beans
  • Shredded cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes   

Chili Dog Bar: $10.75pp

  • Hot dogs, tater-tots
  • Beef chili and black bean chili
  • Shredded cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes   

Wings:   $10.75pp

  • Choice of two sauces: buffalo, lemon pepper, BBQ, honey tamari, seasoned BBQ honey sriracha  

Sliders:  $10.75pp 

  • Beef, grilled chicken, mixed veggies
  • Ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles    

All prices are based on a minimum of 30 guests. An additional 12% service charge, and a $25 delivery fee will be added to each order. 

Spaces are available beginning two hours prior to kickoff. Guests are encouraged to enter the stadium at kick-off, tailgating is prohibited during the game. All tailgates must cleaned-up, and off of university property no later than one hour after the conclusion of the game. 

Amplified sound in the tailgate areas is limited to personal-sized, portable, wireless speakers (e.g., Bluetooth speakers). Music must be played at a volume that does not interfere with others around you.

Parking is free on the weekends and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis in visitor and yellow permit designated spaces. Parking in red spaces is prohibited at all times. Guests may only occupy one space per vehicle and may not reserve spaces. Recreational vehicles larger than one parking space are not permitted in campus lots. For more parking information, please visit: https://parking.wustl.edu/. 

Restrooms are available in the lobby of the Athletic Complex, and Sumers Recreation Center adjacent to the reserved tailgating spaces. Additional restrooms will be available in Francis Olympic Field when gates open one-hour prior to kickoff. 

Tents are permitted in grass spaces only, not in parking lots or on paved surfaces. Tents may not exceed the size limit of 10’x10’. They may not be set up earlier than two hours prior to kickoff and should be taken down no later than one hour after the game concludes.

Tobacco Free-Campus
Washington University is a tobacco-free campus. This applies to all university community members, including visitors and those attending athletic and alumni events. For the purposes of this policy, “tobacco” is defined to include, but not limited to, any lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), personal vaporizer and any other smoking product; and smokeless or spit tobacco, also known as dip, chew, snuff or snus in any form.

In the event of inclement weather, tailgating areas may be closed or restricted. Announcements will be made by event staff and/or the Francis Olympic Field Public Address announcer with specific instructions if this occurs.